• Stellar Drive Defrag
    Utility to improve your Mac performance by defragging fragmented files or the entire hard drive.

    Defrag Mac hard drive and effectively enhances its performance

    Defrags heavily fragmented Mac volumes and optimizes free space

    Latest Version defrags encrypted file systems and hard drives

Stellar Drive Defrag

Stellar Drive Defrag is an immensely useful utility for all Mac users to defrag their Mac volumes or hard drives. The software provides a number of options (Defrag Metadata, Quick Defrag, Full Defrag and Optimize) to defrag Mac hard drives, from which the user can choose, based upon his own requirement. With this utility, you can list all the fragmented files on the selected volume and defrag one or multiple files, selectively. Moreover, this defragmenting Mac utility provides option to create Bootable USB, which can be used to boot your non-booting Mac machine. Even from the Boot DVD, you can run the software and carry out easy defragment of Mac boot volume. Stellar Drive Defrag is now macOS Sierra compatible.

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Defrag Volume

With Stellar Drive Defrag, you can select any Mac volume from your hard drive and defrag the same. This defragmenting Mac software defrags Metadata files, large fragmented files and helps in optimizing free space in the volume.

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Defrag Selected Files

The 'Defrag Files' option of the software lists all the fragmented files in the selected Mac drive or volume and allows you to defrag only the selected files. This feature is particularly helpful to defrag the numerous fragmented small files.

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DVD to Boot Volume

The software provides option to create a Bootable DVD, which can be helpful in booting up the Mac system. Moreover, this boot DVD can be used to defrag Mac volumes, including the startup drive of the Mac.

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  • My MacBook Pro was a piece of Gem until it got fragmented after years of usage. I tried every tips to reduce its boot time but failed. However, after using Stellar Drive Defrag tool my MacBook Pro now quickly boots to desktop. No doubt, this software gave new life to my Mac.

    Todd, Michigan, USA
  • We are group of 4 members who day & night performs video editing for our clients. Our Macs went slow due to use of heavy video editing software. A time arrived when Mac HD became heavily fragmented. Thanks to Stellar Drive Defrag, which fully defragged our drives and now editing software and media, players run better than ever.

    Professional Video Editing Services by Mac Geeks, Manchester, England


Stellar Drive Defrag gives 4 powerful algorithms namely – Optimize, Quick Defrag, Metadata Defrag and Full Defrag in order to optimize Mac hard drive performance.
Yes, you can use Stellar Drive Defrag to fully defrag Macintosh HD and external hard drives.
Yes, you can defrag an encrypted hard disk drive using Stellar Drive Defrag application.
Stellar Drive Defrag supports defragmentation of - MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Mini and (macOS Sierra) 10.12, (El Capitan) 10.11, (Yosemite) 10.10, (Mavericks) 10.9, (Mountain Lion) 10.8, (Lion) 10.7, (Snow Leopard) 10.6.
Both the software helps you defrag Mac hard drives and optimize performance of the slow Mac. Stellar Drive Defrag is available in SOHO license. However, if you want to have disk management utility bundle for your Mac then Stellar Drive ToolBox is the best choice. It possess 15 disk utility apps including Drive Defrag. Compare Stellar Drive Defrag and Drive ToolBox now.

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