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Stellar Drive Defrag is an immensely useful utility for all Mac users to defrag their Mac volumes or hard drives. The software provides a number of options (Defrag Metadata, Quick Defrag, Full Defrag and Optimize) to defrag Mac hard drives, from which the user can choose, based upon his own requirement. With this utility, you can list all the fragmented files on the selected volume and defrag one or multiple files, selectively. Moreover, this defragmenting Mac utility provides option to create Bootable DVD, which can be used to boot your non-booting Mac machine. Even from the Boot DVD, you can run the software and carry out easy defragment of Mac boot volume.more..


  • Defrag Volume


    Defrag Volume


    With Stellar Drive Defrag, you can select any Mac volume from your hard drive and defrag the same. This defragmenting Mac software defrags Metadata files, large fragmented files and helps in optimizing free space in the volume.more..

  • Defrag Selected Files


    Defrag Selected Files


    The 'Defrag Files' option of the software lists all the fragmented files in the selected Mac drive or volume and allows you to defrag only the selected files. This feature is particularly helpful to defrag the numerous fragmented small files.more..

  • DVD to Boot Volume


    DVD to Boot Volume


    The software provides option to create a Bootable DVD, which can be helpful in booting your Mac system, if it has failed to boot. Moreover, this boot DVD can be used to defrag Mac volumes, including the boot volume of the system.more..


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    testimonials Stellar Drive Defrag is a Disk Defragmenter & Mac optimization tool. Drive Defrag helps to defragment Mac hard drive and faster access to large files.... testimonialsmore..

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    Stellar releases Drive Defrag software to enhance system performance. The software is compatible with Mac OS X Lion and other Mac versions.more..


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I own a small film production company and my computer was extremely slow and as a result made my workflow suffer. I have used this product for a few days now on all my drives and I am amazed at how much faster my system responds. This is a solution for large files that slug a system down. GREAT PRODUCT!!



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