Defrag your boot volume with bootable DVD in few easy steps

The boot volume of your Mac system is the volume, from which the system starts up. This volume contains all the Mac OS X installed files and other supported files needed to run the system. With usage over months, the boot volume becomes fragmented by storing various .plist files in the location “Macintosh HD->Library->Preferences folders”, log entries and other page-files. These files make the booting process slower and the need arises to defrag boot drive.

However, the problem is that while booting from the boot volume, the operating system files are in an active state. The active files can not be defragged and any forceful defragment operation may result in lost/inaccessibility of data following corruption. Hence, Stellar Drive Defrag utility provides an innovative option to create a bootable DVD, from which you can boot your system and defrag any Mac volume, including the boot volume.

Creating the Bootable DVD using Stellar Drive Defrag

  • Run Stellar Drive Defrag utility and click the ‘Continue’ button.
  • From the ‘Select Source’ section, choose the Boot Volume of your Mac system. Either select the defragmentation algorithm or files for defragmentation and click the start button from the tool bar.
  • The ‘Create Bootable DVD’ window will be displayed as in the below screen shot. Click ‘Continue’.
Create Bootable DVD

  • Another window will open. Click the image to start creating the bootable DVD.
  • Click the button ‘Choose’ to select the destination location, at which you want to save the Disk Image file.
  • Once the image file gets created, click the button, ‘Burn DVD’. If no DVD is there in the DVD drive, a message will pop-up. Click ‘OK’.
  • Insert a blank DVD in the drive and click ‘Erase’.
  • The DVD burning process begins. After completion of the process, the DVD will be ejected automatically.

Defragmenting boot volume with the Bootable DVD:

  • Change the boot preference and restart your Mac system from the newly created Bootable DVD. Run Stellar Drive Defrag utility and click ‘Continue button to go to the main interface. Here, you can either boot the entire volume or only the selected fragmented files.
  • Select the Boot Volume from the ‘Select Source’ section. To defrag the entire boot volume, choose the required algorithm from the drop down algorithm combo-box as in the below screen shot. To defrag selected files, choose the ‘Files’ tab, which will list all the fragmented files on the boot volume. From the list, choose the files, you want to defrag.
  • Click the start button on the tool bar. A warning message will be displayed to take back-up of your data before proceeding. Click the ‘Start’ button to start the defragmentation process.
  • Once the process will be completed, a process completed message will be displayed on the screen.

Stellar Drive Defrag is a highly reliable boot volume defragmenter with completely read-only properties. The boot DVD created by the software can be used to boot the system, in case of system crash or any other instance of inaccessibility.