Do you need to defrag your Mac drive? – get your answer here

Mac is one of the advanced operating systems of the recent time. The operating system incorporates several new and innovative features, which the users need almost every day. Among many such useful features, proper organization of data in the drive is an important one that indeed helps in keep the performance of the system high.


Most of Mac OS X supported file systems are designed to handle fragmentation of data to some extent. However, still with usage over so many years, the Mac system becomes slow with fragmented data and you need to defrag Mac files to regain the system performance.

With frequent creation and deletion of files, the data in the Mac hard drive gets fragmented. For example, you had created 5 files and deleted the third one. When you will try to create the sixth file on the drive with greater size than the deleted third file, then Mac will try to locate a memory chunk, which is greater or equal to the size of the file. As, the memory freed by deleting the third file is small, Mac will save one piece of the sixth file at that freed location and other parts at different locations.

With more such processes, the Mac hard drive gets severely fragmented and the data access speed decreases significantly, as the OS need to gather the content of a file from several locations of the hard drive. Defragmenting Mac hard drive will help you enhance the system performance.

Though, Mac has few potential defragmenting operations, there are some limitations to it. Internally, Mac defrags the files that are less than the size of 20 MB. Apart from this, the files must not be read-only or busy, to be defragmented by Mac. However, if you are a graphics designer or use iMovie, then the size of the files, you work are usually large and Mac fails to defrag them with its internal techniques. Hence, many times, these limitations of Mac OS X do not go down well for the system and the fragmentation of the drive increases gradually.

Stellar Drive Defrag is a utility that can help you defrag a Mac system and successfully improve the system performance. The software provides several useful options to defrag either the entire Mac hard drive or selected files, which are fragmented. Drive Defrag is completely read-only in nature and you can use it on the Mac hard drive, without worrying about the safety of your precious data in the drive.